Win a Free Cruise and Fame as the “World’s Best Cruiser”

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BudgetTravel is having a contest looking for the “World’s Best Cruiser”.

  • Have you taken more cruises than they can count?
  • Do you have a collection of on-deck sunset photos?
  • Di you have a shrine to towel animals?

If so send photos, videos, and tips we’ve never seen elsewhere to BudgetTravel at Submissions should include name, where they are from, number of cruises taken and any and all proof as to why they should be considered the smartest cruiser in the world. Is it a tip? A strategy? A video? Points will be given for creativity of submissions.

All submissions are due by March 15.

The winner will be determined in an online reader poll starting May 3 and will win a free cruise and will be featured on and in the magazine’s December/January 2012 issue.


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Vote for Ken & Martha Wiseman. Great people with great travel experience!

Donald L. Bishop


I would love to win this trip for my wife of 38 years.